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Friday, 08 May 2009 13:11
 Agustinus Lamba

Agus is one of the founders of the White water rafting federation center in Jakarta INDONESIA. With his friends he founded a local rafting federation in Makassar. Agus Lamba has been developing his skills in mading and mastering 1989. He worked for 5 months in the USA as a guide for the D’VORAK Rafting and Kayaking Expedition on river such as the Colorado grade 3 - 5, Green grade 4, Rio Chama grade 3, Dolores grade 3 - 4 , Arkansas grade 3 - 5 and
Glend Wood grade 4 river. For more than a month, Agus traveled around the State by himself by using Amtrak / Grey Hound & his friend car's.  Agus also has a family in the State, name Barrie Marten with her family in Ohio. On his return from the US, Agus founded Indo’ Sella’ Exp. During his life, Agus has also rafted and Kayaking on rivers such as Citarik grade 3, Cicatih grade +3, Cisadane -3, Citarum -3, Cimanuk grade -4 , Cimandiri grade3, Serayu grade 2 - 3 , Progo grade 3 - 4 and Pekalen grade 3 in Java. In Sumatra : Bahorok grade 2 -3, Kuantan grade 3 - 4, Asahan grade 4 and Wampu grade 3 river. In Sulawesi : Sa'dan grade 4 -5 , Mai'ting grade 3 , Rongkong grade 3 -4 , Lamasi grade 3, and Lairiang river grade 5. Also Ayung river in Bali

He's also a Trekker and qualified on jungle and mountain explorer.

Recently,  he is the head of Indonesian Guide Association in Toraja Regency.

 He also knows about high quality Toraja Arabica Coffee (the best taste coffee in the world). He's now start running his business on Coffee Productions.

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